If you are an individual shipper

If you are an individual shipper

When we have so little time on our hands, it’s sad that we have to waste it in traffic jams. Hand your shipment to City Express and be more productive!

Shippment Tracking

We understand how important it is to know when your parcel will be delivered. With City Express tracking, you can keep track of your shipment on every stage of transportation.

Convenient Online Pickup Booking

We tried to make booking process quick and easy. That's why we’ve created an easy form that allows our users to book a pickup at any time.

Delivery Intercept

You as a shipper, can request that we intercept your shipment prior to delivery via phone or email. We can perform one of the following actions: Return to sender; Delivery to another address; Reschedule Delivery; Hold the shipment for pickup by the consignee.

Service Warranty

If on our side delivery condition is breached, service will be completely free!

Book a Pick Up  Online

A Simple and Convenient Way to Help You Book a Pickup Correctly

City Express

City Express We are a courier company, committed to provide you with a stable, guaranteed and fast service.

We are proud to deliver hundreds of letters and parcels on a daily basis to their destinations!

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