For Businesses

For Businesses

Our solutions were created with the specific needs of our customers in mind. Let us help find the best ways to scale your business, access reliable shipping and tracking solutions.

Explore services below and you'll find the support to meet your needs as you start or grow.

RS (Revenue Service) - Consultation

We can assist you with process planning. With help of special program, we can ease your job and import waybills on RS for you.

Tailored Solutions

If your business needs regular, pre-scheduled pickups or deliveries, we can set up recurring deliveries. We can ensure your delivery gets exactly where it needs to go, at whatever time it needs to get there.

Online Portal for Shipment management

Full Control for Free. Visibility, flexibility, accessibility, portability. With our web portal, you control when, where, how much, and even who receives information about shipments. You can use the portal without any installation.

RS (Revenue Service) - Integration with the system

We can assist you with completing legislative accounting obligations; you can choose method that is comfortable for you. Our system has a unique ability to manage your company's transportation waybills.

Secure Shipping

If your business needs a secure shipping service, we offer special shipping boxes, which allow us to transport shipment in sealed condition.

Delivery Intercept

You as a shipper, can request that we intercept your shipment prior to delivery via phone or email. We can perform one of the following actions: Return to sender; Delivery to another address; Reschedule Delivery; Hold the shipment for pickup by the consignee.

Payment of Service Fees

In case of contract, you will be served without any preliminary payment during an ongoing calendar month. For each new month, you will be given an invoice for the previous month.

Notification Service

Comfortable service means informing customer at certain stage of delivery process. In case of your request, we can send out text message (SMS) and/or e-mail at the desired status stage.

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